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MOnday Morning News

July 3, 2017

Hi All,
 One of my fondest memories from childhood is of a 4th of July more summers ago than I want to count. Mom and Dad packed us up in the family car and, braving the crowds and traffic, took us to see the fireworks display put on at the local firemen’s field. The firemen’s field was a kind of public fairground for the town and I remember laying out under the stars while the sky exploded overhead with great fountains of fire and sparks and countless sizzles and bangs. It was more than the heart of a seven year old could take! What a celebration and what a memory!

To this day, the 4th has continued to stir my heart. But what began with a child’s delight in exuberant displays of pyrotechnics has been enriched with a sense of gratitude. I am so thankful to be a citizen of the nation I was privileged to be born into. We are not a perfect nation – there is no such thing, nor will there ever be. But I am grateful that we live in a system where we can share thoughts and ideas without fear for our lives. I am grateful to live among a people who may differ intensely in their opinions, but still respect the right of others to think differently. I am grateful to live where I can worship freely and think freely.

I hope that your celebration of the 4th is delightful, full of wonder and amusement, jam-packed with good company and jubilant celebration. And, may your heart be grateful for all we have been given.

PS: Earlier this week I sent out the following email. I’m including it here so that those who get the Monday Morning News by regular mail will see it also. There were a number of prayer ribbons written yesterday and I will have them out after worship this coming Sunday, too.

I’m sure that everyone is aware by now of the terrible accident at our Presbytery’s Camp two weeks ago. A great number of folk were injured when a section of the deck on Spruce Lodge gave way under them. This was in the closing moments of a memorial service. As of the end of last week we had the following updates:
• There are still three people still in the hospital. At last notice all had been upgraded from critical to good condition.
• The grassy area near the deck collapse is cordoned off so no one can go near it. The inside doors to the deck are blocked off with plywood so they cannot be opened onto the deck.
• Our Camp Director, Heather Withrow, had a contractor look at all the other structures at the camp. Only two minor issues were found and have been addressed.
• The insurance company has sent several people to look at the collapsed deck. We cannot begin cleanup until they have given the OK. We don’t know when that might happen.
• Our regular camp season for children and youth was canceled for the week immediately following the accident but we have begun again this week.
For the safety of people who are coming to use the Lodge a plastic fence has been erected around the deck to keep people away from the collapse site. As symbol of support for those who were injured and of the Camp staff, our first group of campers have tied prayers to the fence.
Let’s be a part of this. This Sunday I’ll have strips of cloth and markers available for you to write a prayer for the fence. Your prayers could be for those injured, for the camp staff, for those who will attend camp this summer, etc. We’ll then take our prayers up to the Camp to put them on the fence. Let’s fill the fence with prayers!
If you aren’t around the area to write a prayer you may write one on any sort of ribbon or cloth strip and send it to me at the Polson Church: 301 4th Ave, East; Polson 59860.

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Scriptures for Sunday, July 9, 2017

Zechariah 9:9–12
Psalm 145:8–14
Romans 7:15–25a
Matthew 11:16–19, 25–30

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Prayer Requests from Sunday, July 2, 2017

Travelers, Barbara, Robin, Donna, Val, Pat, Trish, Jackie, Kerry, Ron, Jenn, Lucy, Gary, Rocky

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FRIDAY, July 7
Polson– Alanon Meeting 8:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall

SUNDAY, July 9
Dayton-Worship 9:00 AM
Polson - Adult Study 9:00 AM
Polson - Children’s Learning Time 11:00 AM
Polson - Worship 11:00 AM

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Dayton Quilt Show, Goodies Needed! If you are in a baking mood this week, any of your specialties would be greatly appreciated. Goodies may be brought to Dayton Church on Friday, July 7th or Saturday morning.

Polson Worship in the Park and Picnic: Be sure to mark your calendar for our annual Worship and Picnic at Boettcher Park on Sunday, July 23rd.

Shea and Robyn Carlson are asking folks to be sure to use their cell phone numbers when you call them. They have a land-line phone number which is only connected to an answering machine. If you leave a message at their 883 number it may take a while for them to get the message. Their cell phone numbers are printed in the church directory.

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Dayton Quilt Show This Saturday from 9:00 to 4:00:
Want to see some incredible quilts crafted right here in the Flathead Valley? The Dayton Quilt Show on July 8th is the place to be. The Dayton area has an incredible community of wonderfully creative quilters. This is a must see event for anyone who enjoys perusing our local art galleries.
Along with the Quilt Show there will be a Bazaar and Bake Sale. Lunch will be available from 11:00 to 2:00.

Our Friday Night Community Dinner for this month is coming up a week from this Friday, July 14th. Be sure to look for the sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall this coming Sunday.

Let’s Fill A Backpack! Our summer staff counselors at Glacier Camp are busy with the summer season of Camps for children and youth. There are eleven counselors this year …. two from West Virginia, one from New Zealand, one from Australia, three from Poland, one from England, one from the United Kingdom, and yes, one from Montana!

This year our Presbytery is welcoming them each with a backpack full of things they might need or like. The Polson congregation is filling a backpack for Natalia, one of our counselors from Poland. Her back pack is in the Fellowship Hall waiting to be filled. You can find a list in the Fellowship Hall full of suggestions for stuff to put in the backpack. But, you can also use your imagination! What would a young college girl visiting Montana in the United States from Poland like to find in that backpack? Suntan lotion? A book? Goodies to munch on? A map of Montana? A sun cap or scarf?
Let’s fill that backpack up! This Sunday, May 9th is our deadline.

Glacier Camp Volunteers Needed: The accident at Glacier Camp has brought on a need for volunteers to help with keeping visitors safe while using the Lodge. We need to keep folks, especially little ones, away from the deck and the area around it.
If you might be willing to do this please get in touch with Dave and he will pass your name and contact info on to the Chairperson of Camp Board, Carol Gneckow. Right now we know we will need help on July 15 and 22. .



This will be the seventh year of these highly popular seminars led by the Rev. Tim Lanham, from Sunrise Presbyterian Church in Great Falls, Montana.

For he hath founded it upon the seas! – Psalm 24.2
And [the disciples] were filled with great awe and said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” – Mark 4.41

Almost everyone is familiar with the words which begin the Bible: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth...” But how well do you know the many other places where Scripture gives witness to God’s acts of creation and re-creation?
From Genesis through the Psalter to the witness of the prophets and the New Testament, we find glimpses of God’s creative activity. The familiar stories of Genesis 1 and 2 are just two of many places in Scripture which describe God creating – creating dry land out of a watery deep, imposing order in the midst of chaos, establishing a place where he sits enthroned as king forever (see Psalm 29.10).
During our time together, we will explore where and why these themes of creation occur. We will talk about the significant connection between the Bible’s understanding of God as Creator and God as Redeemer. We will also explore how the texts which reflect upon creation and redemption also give a glimpse of the promised realities of the Kingdom of God.
Dates: July 9- 11, 2017 Location: Glacier Presbyterian Center (the camp!)
Located on the Flathead Lake, just south of Lakeside on Highway 93 near mile marker 93.
Discussion Themes and Topics:
Class 1: “In the Beginning -- Creation in Genesis 1 and 2”
Class 2: “Founded Upon the Seas -- Creation Emerging From Chaos”
Class 3: “Silencing the Storm -- Creation as Redemption”
Class 4: “Who Then is This? -- Jesus as Creator and Redeemer”
Class 5: “Something Like a Sea of Glass -- Visions of the Kingdom of God”
Commuters (includes one meal/day) ........$ 27/person/day
Single Room ..............................................$156/person
Double Room..............................................$ 97/person
(Single and Double Room occupancy includes your room, dinner on Sunday, three meals on Monday, breakfast and lunch on Tuesday.)

To Register: Contact Marsha 406-871-2135 or

July 9:
4:00 – 5:30 Check in
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Class 1

July 10:
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Class 2
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Class 3
4:00 Class 4
6:00 Dinner

July 11:
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Class 5
12:00 Sack lunch

San Francisco Theological Seminary Seminars Exploring our Faith ~ Expanding our Understanding

Faith and Public Life: The Church’s Role in the 21st Century

Dates: August 28 - 30 Location: Glacier Presbyterian Center (the camp!)

Professor: Dr. Jim McDonald – President of San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS)
A lifelong Presbyterian, Jim McDonald became San Francisco Theological Seminary’s 11th president in July 2011. He is Professor of Faith and Public Life.
Before coming to SFTS, Jim worked for 13 years at Bread for the World, a faith-based grassroots advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. that urges policymakers to reduce hunger in this country and around the world. In 1998, after completing a Ph.D. in International Relations from American University, he joined Bread for the World as an international policy analyst and led a broad legislative coalition that secured substantial debt relief for the world’s poorest countries. In 2000 he became Bread’s Vice President for Policy and Program. In 2010 he became Bread’s Managing Director.

The world is in a profound state of turmoil. Fear abounds. People are suffering. We have toxic leaders, dysfunctional systems, and a politically polarized church and society. Increasingly, the world, driven by hostility and apprehension, seems intent on building walls to separate people one from another. We must also acknowledge that religion itself too often contributes in a negative, harmful way to the pain and suffering of others. The state of the world is a call for compassion. It’s a call for the church to be a sign of hope, a place of acceptance and love, a catalyst for peace, healing, and justice.
This seminar will explore the biblical and theological foundations of the Church’s loving, hopeful engagement with the world, and ask how a pastor and congregation can be both prophetic and pastoral in pursuing ministries of justice, healing, and peace.

Who should attend?
- Pastors & Commissioned Ruling Elders (CRE’s)
- Those who may consider a CRE ministry
- Ruling Elders, Session members, Deacons

Commuters ................................................ $27/person/day
(Commuter fees include Monday Dinner, Lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday)
Single Room (all meals included) ................... $156/person
Double Room (all meals included) ................... $97/person

To Register:
Contact Marsha – 406-871-2135
The Camp is located south of Lakeside on Highway 93 near mile marker 93.

Class Schedule Overview:
1. Biblical Foundations of Public Ministry
2. Power and the Prophetic: The Intertwining of Politics and Theology in American History
3. Preaching in a Polarized Society: Addressing Social Issues from the Pulpit
4. Vital Congregations: Engaging the Local Community and our Global Citizenship
5. Practicing What We Preach: Loving God, Neighbor, and Self
August 28:
4:00 – 5:30 Check in
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Class 1
August 29:
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Class 2
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Class 3
4:00 Class 4
6:00 Dinner
August 30:
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Class 5
12:00 Sack lunch



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