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June 26, 2017

Hi All,
 As summer comes on I am always blown away by the abundance of creation. We are surrounded by the open-handed liberality of God witnessed in what God has made. God’s generosity – in old-time theological language, providence – is, perhaps, the greatest and most basic way we experience God in our lives. We see it in creation: in the way proud peaks lift our eyes heavenward and wide open spaces open our hearts to God’s grace confronting us with our need for a humble heart before our maker. We experience it in giving and receiving love for one another and for strangers. We feel its power in the infinitesimal design of a blade of grass or a butterfly and the wonder of our human ability to think and feel and love. God’s generosity surrounds us and confronts us at every turn of our senses.

Given the depth and ubiquity of God generosity, then, it should come as no surprise that this drive to be generous is hard-wired into our very DNA. In studying this human drive to generous, a team of scientists in the Psychology Department at the University of British Columbia discovered that the act of giving seemed to give great joy to babies of 21 to 24 months. And it looks like their greatest joy is sharing from their own things.

In the Biblical story of the creation we are told, “God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them;….” (Genesis 1:27) What does it mean to be made in God’s image? People of faith have pondered that question for long ages – and we’ll continue to for ages to come. But, given that we are created in God’s image, it really shouldn’t surprise us that giving, practicing generosity, gives us great pleasure. It truly is wired into us by the very one who created us in his image. Whenever we practice generosity, when we show hospitality and welcome, giving of our hearts and lives, we are showing proof of God’s image stamped upon us.

This day, every day, be sure to seek ways to reflect that great attribute of God which he has scorched into the depth of our souls from the very beginning: share, be generous, and so show the love of God!

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Scriptures for Sunday, July 2, 2017

Genesis 22:1–14
Psalm 13:1-6
Romans 6:12–23
Matthew 10:40–42

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Prayer Requests from Sunday, June 25, 2017

Isaac, Bill, Val, Mary, Rocky, Jenn, Ron, Robin, Barbara, Donna, Gary, Pat, Travelers

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Dear Presbytery Prayer Partners,
This week we are praying for Serious JuJu, our new worshiping community in Kalispell.
Serious JuJu is a ministry to, for and with skateboarders and their families. It is a sister congregation of FPC in Kalispell. The pastors and congregation of FPC are highly engaged in this wonderful ministry. Pastor Miriam Mauritzen serves half time with JuJu.
Each Friday night SJJ gathers together for worship, skating, and a meal. They also meet at other times during the week. In SJJ’s short ministry, hundreds of youth and young adults have heard and experienced the good news of Jesus. Last summer 18 people were baptized in the Flathead River.
SJJ was featured on the cover and in a story in the Presbyterian Outlook.
Serious JuJu is an exciting ministry that is full of possibilities, hope and joy. Please keep them all in your prayers.

PS: Please keep praying for those who were injured in the accident at the camp.

Peace be with you,

Marsha Zell Anson
General Presbyter/Stated Clerk for Glacier Presbytery
P.O. Box 1482, Polson, MT 59860 (406)871-2135

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FRIDAY, June 30
Polson– Alanon Meeting 8:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall
Polson – Men’s Fellowship 8:00 – 9:30
SUNDAY, July 2
Dayton-Worship 9:00 AM
Polson - Adult Study 9:00 AM
Polson - Children’s Learning Time 11:00 AM
Polson - Worship 11:00 AM

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Dayton: Vivien Lambeth
Polson: Steve Chapman

Karen Huffine
Jim & Lorraine Payson
Howard & Ayron Pickerill
Jeff & Julie Christopher
Kim Christopher
Dick Christopher
Frank & Genevieve Clement
Dave & Gay Cochrane
Joan Koon

The Polson Service List is a way we serve one another on a regular basis. If your name appears on the list for the current month you may be asked to provide cookies or other goodies for the our fellowship time during that month.

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There will be a brief Ladies meeting following worship on Sunday, July 2, 2017, to discuss Bazaar/Quilt Show arrangements.

The July Friday Night Dinner will be on July 14th. Be sure to look for the sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall the next two Sundays.

Polson Worship in the Park and Picnic: Be sure to mark your calendar for our annual Worship and Picnic at Boettcher Park on Sunday, July 23rd.

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Our featured speaker for Men’s Fellowship this Saturday, July 1st, will be one of our local probation officers. All men are invited to come join us for a great breakfast and great fellowship.

Want to see some incredible quilts crafted right here in the Flathead Valley? The Dayton Quilt Show on July 8th is the place to be. The Dayton area has an incredible community of wonderfully creative quilters. This is a must see event for anyone who enjoys perusing our local art galleries.
The Dayton Quilt Show, Bazaar and Lunch is on Saturday, July 8th. The show goes from 9:00 to 4:00. Lunch will be available from 11:00 to 2:00.

Let’s Fill A Backpack! Our summer staff counselors at Glacier Camp have arrived several weeks ago and are now ready to go for the summer season. There are eleven counselors this year …. two from West Virginia, one from New Zealand, one from Australia, three from Poland, one from England, one from the United Kingdom, and yes, one from Montana!
This year our Presbytery is welcoming them each with a backpack full of things they might need or like. The Polson congregation is filling a backpack for Natalia, one of our counselors from Poland. Her back pack is in the Fellowship Hall waiting to be filled. You can find a list in the Fellowship Hall full of suggestions for stuff to put in the backpack. But, you can also use your imagination! What would a young college girl visiting Montana in the United States from Poland like to find in that backpack? Suntan lotion? A book? Goodies to munch on? A map of Montana? A sun cap or scarf?
Let’s fill that backpack up! We need to have contributions in by Sunday, May 9th.



This will be the seventh year of these highly popular seminars led by the Rev. Tim Lanham, from Sunrise Presbyterian Church in Great Falls, Montana.

For he hath founded it upon the seas! – Psalm 24.2
And [the disciples] were filled with great awe and said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” – Mark 4.41

Almost everyone is familiar with the words which begin the Bible: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth...” But how well do you know the many other places where Scripture gives witness to God’s acts of creation and re-creation?
From Genesis through the Psalter to the witness of the prophets and the New Testament, we find glimpses of God’s creative activity. The familiar stories of Genesis 1 and 2 are just two of many places in Scripture which describe God creating – creating dry land out of a watery deep, imposing order in the midst of chaos, establishing a place where he sits enthroned as king forever (see Psalm 29.10).
During our time together, we will explore where and why these themes of creation occur. We will talk about the significant connection between the Bible’s understanding of God as Creator and God as Redeemer. We will also explore how the texts which reflect upon creation and redemption also give a glimpse of the promised realities of the Kingdom of God.

Dates: July 9- 11, 2017 Location: Glacier Presbyterian Center (the camp!)
Located on the Flathead Lake, just south of Lakeside on Highway 93 near mile marker 93.
Discussion Themes and Topics:
Class 1: “In the Beginning -- Creation in Genesis 1 and 2”
Class 2: “Founded Upon the Seas -- Creation Emerging From Chaos”
Class 3: “Silencing the Storm -- Creation as Redemption”
Class 4: “Who Then is This? -- Jesus as Creator and Redeemer”
Class 5: “Something Like a Sea of Glass -- Visions of the Kingdom of God”
Commuters (includes one meal/day) ........$ 27/person/day
Single Room ..............................................$156/person
Double Room..............................................$ 97/person
(Single and Double Room occupancy includes your room, dinner on Sunday, three meals on Monday, breakfast and lunch on Tuesday.)

To Register: Contact Marsha 406-871-2135 or

July 9:
4:00 – 5:30 Check in
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Class 1

July 10:
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Class 2
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Class 3
4:00 Class 4
6:00 Dinner

July 11:
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Class 5
12:00 Sack lunch



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