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MOnday Morning News

August 27, 2018

Hi All,
   The first day of school for the Polson students is just two days away! Coming down the hill to church this morning, driving past the High School and Middle School as well as Cherry Valley and Linderman, I could sense the energy. It’s a short trip but it bundles up loads of excitement. It all begins nearly a week or two earlier than that, though. First, you notice the increased amount of traffic into the high school parking lot. Then comes the sound of cheerleaders, football calls, band music and announcements through the outside speakers. And now, just a few days away, the lots are full and teachers are walking in with bundles of files and other things to enrich the coming year.

The first day of school is a great reminder that God always gives us fresh opportunities. The prophet Isaiah wrote:
“Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old. I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:18-19

God’s “new thing” is always out there. As God’s people one of our most important prayers needs to be, “Lord, help us to see where your Spirit is working that we might be there working with you.” This is a prayer looking for the new opportunity. It is prayer that understands how we are God’s hands and feet, eyes and ears in the world. It is a prayer that understands that God works through us to do new things and keep bringing the Good News to all people. Thank God we get new chances all the time, this day and every day.

PS: Our Church Secretary, Taylor Hirsch, is going to be going back to school at the end of September and will not be able to continue in our office. We will be looking for her replacement over the next few weeks. If you know of anyone who might be interested please give me a call or encourage them to call me.

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Scriptures for September 2, 2018

Deuteronomy 4:1–9
Psalm 15
James 1:17–27
Mark 7:1–23

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Prayer Requests from August 26, 2018

Pat, Val, Mary, Rocky, Gary, Kitty, Roger, Jenn, Donna, Barb, Robin, Ries and Firefighters

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FRIDAY, August 31
Polson – Alanon Meeting 8:00 PM

SUNDAY, September 2
Dayton-Worship 9:00 AM
Polson – Adult Study 9:00 AM
Polson - Worship 11:00 AM

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Dayton: Roger Rogers
Polson: Joanna Shelton

Greg & Jennifer Hobbs
Loretta Jepson
Kaye Johnson
June Jorgenson
Dick & Arlene Kintz
Sue McCormick

The Polson Service List is a way we serve one another on a regular basis. If your name appears on the list for the current month you may be asked to provide cookies or other goodies for the our fellowship time during that month.

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Beloved Community,
This week we are praying for one of Glacier Presbytery’s partners – San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS). For several years, they have been sending professors to us to teach classes at our camp. We are so grateful for their partnership! In particular, this week we will include Chris Ocker who will be coming here on Sept. 9 - 11 to lead a class on the Reformation (see attachment). Please keep SFTS and Chris in your prayers this week.
You can learn more about SFTS at
Peace be with you,

Marsha Zell Anson
General Presbyter/Stated Clerk for Glacier Presbytery
P.O. Box 1482, Polson, MT 59860 (406)871-2135

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Polson Men’s Fellowship has been moved to Saturday, September 8th due to the long Labor Day weekend. The program will be about St. Josephs Hospital’s addiction treatment program.


Be sure to mark your calendar for our annual Dayton Hymn Sing on September 16th . We’ll meet at 5:00 PM in the sanctuary to sing followed by a light supper at 6:00. Bring a dessert to share.

YWAM Visit: Mark and Dawn Masucci have extended an invitation to tour the YWAM campus in Lakeside on the morning of Wednesday, September 5th. They’ll provide coffee and snack time and then a tour. The exact time and place to meet at the YWAM campus will be announced next week.

Dayton Days are approaching and will be celebrated the weekend of September 8th. Our Dayton Congregation will be serving a brunch and having a bake sale and mini-bazaar. We especially need pies for the bake sale!

Polson Fellowship Hall Floor: At its last meeting, the Polson Session decided to pursue the replacement of the Fellowship Hall floor with a vinyl flooring product. The carpet has become so badly stained that it needs replacing and a vinyl floor will be far easier to maintain and have a much longer life. Several samples of the flooring will be available in the coming weeks.
Bids have been taken from Harbor Light Furniture and Home Floor Covering and the approximate cost will be eight to nine thousand dollars. The cost will come from the deacons, our general budget and donations. If you would like to make a donation please consider doing so.


San Francisco Seminary Class at the Camp on September 9-11, 2018

Another great offering from San Francisco Seminary is coming up in just a few weeks. Christopher Ocker, a professor of church history at the San Francisco Theological Seminary, will be sharing with us about the effects of the Reformation.
Church history does nothing for us, unless it shows us how the past sheds light on our own times. But times change, and our sense of the past often becomes antiquated. The Reformation is case in point.
People commonly think of the Reformation as a triumph of heroic reformers. The 500th anniversary of Luther’s protest against indulgences last year rekindled many unlikely, sometimes preposterous claims. But this hinders rather than helps us understand the world in which we live. It's time to reconsider the Reformation, what it was, how it happened, and precisely how it changed the world, and how it did not.
In five lectures, illustrated with original texts and interpretations of Renaissance art, this course will study
1) Martin Luther as others knew him, as a contested reformer competing with other reformers,
2) four surprising issues that shaped the Reformation as a sixteenth-century movement, and how,
3) the relationship of the Reformation to Christianity's conflicts with Judaism and Islam,
4) how the Reformation gave birth to both critical secularism and evangelism,
5) what the Reformation should mean for Protestants, for all Christians, and for the world today.

To Register: Contact Marsha – 406-871-2135 or

- Commuters (includes Sunday Dinner, Lunch on Monday and Tuesday) $55/person
- Single Room (all meals included) $160/person
- Double Room (all meals included) $97/person.
Our Schedule:
- September 9: 4:00 – 5:00 Check in; 5:00 Dinner; 6:00 Lecture 1
- September 10: 8:00 Breakfast; 9:00 Lecture 2; 12:00 Lunch; 1:00 Lecture 3; 4:00 Lecture 4; 6:00 Dinner
- September 11: 8:00 Breakfast; 9:00 Lecture 5; 12:00 Sack lunch



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